Desktop PC

We can repair your PC, and if it cannot be repaired, we can shop the best deal for your new PC.

Without having to be tied to just one, or very few vendors, we can give you the exact product you need for your use.



Wired or wireless networking is in our DNA. We started building and maintaining a world-wide network.

Since we know them inside and out, we can help you with all of your networking needs.

From T3 down to Sat-modem, on to a wired or wireless system, we have you covered.


Phone Systems

This is where we began some 34 years ago. Working on a 2400 port call center using a huge teleco switch.

PBX, ACD and single service, we have the know-how.

T3 multiplexing, T1, Fiber-optic and POTS; equipment and service.


Cabling and Termination

With all of this network experience, we also have the skills to bring in cable and do termination of those cables.

200 pair down to 2 pair teleco wires; T3 and T1; CATx; all PC related cabling.


We can build and maintain all sorts of Enterprise servers.

VoIP, DNS, Web, Email and File servers.

Windows Domain and Linux servers.


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