Do I need a Solid State Drive in my PC?                                    Can I have a Cloud at home?
How can I backup my files?                                                          Will my PC work on my TV?
Windows 10 and Satellite Internet.                                           Can I share my files in a home network?
How can I protect my network from Viruses?                        How do I make a home media server?
Do I need a new PC or network router?                                   Can I have my own web site and email domain?



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Home and Business Networking

If you need a Wired or Wireless network, no matter what the size, we can help you.


Computers, Printers and Routers

Don't pay for something that is under-powered or not up to the task. We can find what you need and not just something off-the-shelf. Do not let someone fill in the gaps, get a real solution.


Network and Computer Repair

If it is not working, let us diagnose it and tell you if, and how, it can be repaired. With 25 years of experience, we can give you a real evaluation.

Trust and Experience

With over 25 years of experience and hundreds of business and home customers, we can deliver on our promise to give you the best know-how, finest products and on-point evaluations.

We can provide small home networks with integration of PC's, printers and in-home Clouds. We also have the skill to build huge enterprise systems that include video, file sharing and VoIP.

Large to small, SOHO, medium office and multi-site enterprise we have you covered.

Interior of an office, modern design, simple furniture.

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