Do I need a Solid State Drive in my PC?

The quick answer is maybe.

The main reason for an SSD is the speed at which it works and the reliability. The response time of an SSD for an average drive is around 200 to 500 MB per second, with premium drives up to 1800 MB/s. Compare that to a hard drive with spinning platters which is around 50 to 120 MB/s. the difference can be remarkable. With computer boot times dropping to around 10 seconds compared to a hard drive of up to 40 seconds, and program responses seemingly almost instant.

Those speeds and the fact that an SSD can be more reliable because it has no moving parts make it a great choice for a laptop. With no spinning platters and moving arm across those platters means that the bumps and thumps that happen with a laptop do not affect it at all. Size can also help with a laptop as some SSD’s are no bigger than a half sick of gum. This means that less weight and a cooler running temperature make it a no-brainer for a laptop.

But, what do you give up with an SSD compared to a conventional hard drive? Money, it is that simple. A hard drive is around $100 for a 2 terabyte drive whereas an SSD is about $250 for half as much space at 1 TB. Of course smaller SSD’s are available for less money and you could get the benefits of the speed and reliability that they offer for a good price.

You can get an SSD installed by us and have your data transferred for as little as $150. Consider your needs, and of course wants, then give us a call and we can work together to get the best SSD for your money.

Check out this little chart to help you get there and then you can have an educated answer. (click below)