Windows 10 and Satellite Internet.

Do you have Satellite Internet service? Do you also have Windows 10 running on a PC within your network? You are using your data allotment on background communication to Microsoft. That is a fact!

Windows 10 is a clear upgrade to the previous Windows operating systems and we use it for most of our PC’s at NuTek. One problem became clear as we explored and used the new operating system. It was very noisy on the network compared to Windows XP or Windows 7. Data usage jumped up significantly because the OS constantly “talks” to Microsoft’s network.

This communication is not a virus or even nefarious in any way. It is what Microsoft calls improving the user’s experience. Here is an article that explores this network traffic.

We can turn off most of this traffic. We have the programs and the know-how to make your PC as quite as possible on the network and still function as it is intended.

We have done this on many customers PC's and it has cut down or even stopped this noisy traffic, depending on the customer experience they wanted.