How can I backup my files?

There are so many ways to do a backup of your files. From a simple drag and drop to a USB stick to a fully automated system that runs in the background. Maybe you want a full image of your drive for safe keeping.

If you have a Cloud you can save the backup to a very secure and 99.999 up-time site. You can have a RAID5 system within your own network that can give you the assurance that your files are safe, available and secure.

Don’t let it go to chance. As we tell people, there are only two states of a hard drive; one that has failed, and one that is waiting to fail. Once that drive has failed it is a long and expensive process to recover those important files, if they can be saved at all.

The return on the investment of a good backup scheme will save you time, hassle and the files you just cannot ever loose.

Call us, we will be happy to show you all the different ways to be covered.